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20 November 2012

Who Hitched Them?

If you know the siblings of your ancestor, have you looked at who performed the marriages for all of those siblings? There may be clues in those names to the church affiliation or denomination of your ancestor.

Unless they were all married by a justice of the peace.

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  1. When I find a marriage record, usually the image as the index skips minister and witnesses, I try to record them in marriage notes.

    My maternal 2nd great grandfather's 2nd marriage was performed by a young Baptist Minister in the 1870's. In the 1890's that same minister performed a funeral for one of my great grand aunts. Then in 1908 - 09 he did marriages for three brothers, my grandfather and his older brothers. Six months after the minister did my grandfather's marriage he died after 50 years serving as a Baptist minister.

    That same minister also did a marriage on a great grand aunt on my father's side.

    Much can be learned by reviewing the marriage records and noting the minister and witnesses.

    My maternal 2nd great grand father also served as a J. P. for 2 years. During his term he performed 14 marriages including some for cousins of his first wife. J. P. marriages can also tell you much.