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15 November 2012

Pre-Black Friday Holiday Specials

We're a little bit ahead this year to get you ahead in your genealogy research.
We're going to be doing other things over the next few weeks, so our "Black Friday" specials are coming early.
Purchase any one(1) of the following starred (*) items by 6 p.m. Central Time on 16 November and we'll give you a free code to download two of our genealogy webinars.
*124 Issues of Casefile Clues for $30
Grow your genealogy research skills over the holiday season.
Not only do we include complete, accurate citations we also discuss ideas of where to go next. We also focus on setting goals and keeping on task.
You can download samples following the link on this page:
A complete list of all topics (and order links) can be found here:
*Subscribe to Casefile Clues for $11
You can subscribe to 52 issues of Casefile Clues for only $11--use this link to process your order.
*Short Course--Constructing Database Searches
Increase your genealogy database searching skills with our short course this December--homework is optional
When you order is processed, we'll contact you about free webinars. You'll need a special code for those downloads.
If these links are not working in your email, visit this webpage:
Happy Thanksgiving a little early from us!


  1. Figures I saw this a day late. ;)

  2. The links should still work...if not, email me at mjnrootdig@gmail.com and I'll take care of it.