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08 November 2012

It's All Homemade Here

[I'm posting this notice on all my blogs--please forgive the cross posting as I rarely duplicate in this fashion.]

All the content on this blog has been created by me.  Errors, typos, and all.

I don't copy other people's content--it's illegal,  it's immoral, and it's against the law. Copying content from others devalues their work and  limits the ability of the creator of  a work to earn what they can from that work. Typically those who blatantly violate the copyright of others are simply too lazy or too incompetent to create their own work. Of course people of that ilk usually don't care about the person from whom they are copying.

Using the material of others as your own is not flattery-it's theft. If you want to flatter the author, write them a nice note.

I work diligently to create my own content and honor the copyright of others because it is the right thing to do. I know that there are many others out there in "genealogyland" who also work hard to create their own unique content.

They deserve our respect and consideration. Creating original content is not always easy. Some of us might not always agree with each other, but we realize that if someone violates one of us in this fashion, they could just as easily violate all of us.

This blog is all homemade, warts and all. And we like it that way--and we thank you for your support!

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