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17 April 2009

Review on Birthdays

Here's an off-the-wall idea--but some days I find writing tips a little difficult.

Make a calendar with your ancestor's dates of birth on it. Then on the ancestor's birthday, review the information you have about that person. This might help you find something in your files that you had forgotten.

Today would have been my great-grandmother Ufkes' birthday--she would have been 114. She was born Trientje Marie Janssen on her parents' farm near Basco, Hancock County, Illinois.


  1. Michael - I think this is a fantastic "off-the-wall" idea. It would force you to think of all those people in your file that you don't usually "touch"; review their facts, see what bits are missing and add a bit of change to the usual research. Very interesting!

  2. Michael - I love that idea - great way to keep the data fresh in your head too! Plus it's a good time to see if any new information has turned up..