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16 April 2009

Return Trips

Did your ancestor make a return trip home to visit family? It was not unheard of for 19th and 20th century immigrants to the United States to make one or two return trips home to visit. Records of their arrivals on these subsequent ocean crossings may provide more details on them than their original entry records do.

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  1. honestly I think you've got my office bugged. I figured that none of my great grandparents or their siblings went back to England after coming here. Turns out that the mysterious burial of my Aunt in England was more than likely handled by her sister, who went there with her husband several months prior. I would have never thought of looking for them on the later passenger lists if my almost 80 yr old cousin hadn't mentioned going back to England in the late 40s. Another great tip Michael - and one that could certainly be fruitful.