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03 April 2009


Is there something you think you know but for which you have no real proof other than you have always believed it?

While it doesn't have direct genealogical bearing, I have been reading "Pillars of the Republic" by Carl F. Kaestle. One thing I learned while reading the book is that there were many schools in the 1820s-1840s that enrolled children as young as 4. This trend changed in the mid-eighteenth century. I just always assumed that there was no schooling at all for children that young until the 20th century. I never read that anywhere, I just assumed it.

Is there some "fact" in your genealogy research that you never read, never heard, but just assumed? And is it causing that brick wall in your research?

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  1. How true those assumptions seem, too.

    I always assumed my Meyer relatives always lived at Radenbeck area and attended Thomasburg church.

    Then one day I thought maybe one Meyer brother named Hch. xtoph got ticked in some other area with another brother and moved there as he took up the lowly sherpherd career. [Or maybe the others died from a wawr or illness.] See his son has no other Meyer mentioned in his childrens' church records. Just because I assumed he was there, I did not have an open mind to be watching and looking for him elsewhere. [Of course that is when it also got a little mind boggling for me as to where they came from. lol]

    Nice blog. I couldn't resist a comment.