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18 May 2013

Write It!

As one of our tips aimed as "preserving your information" past you, we start with suggesting that you write up your research notes and conclusion on an ancestor or family and consider submitting that written "report" to the local historical or genealogical society where your ancestor lived. Some societies will consider publishing such items in their newsletter or quarterly publication or add them to their files. And always include citations for your sources.

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  1. Write a biography of any family Bible, letter, or other document you possess. Print out a typed version of the documents and annotate about each individual named and places too.

    For example, a letter from my grandfather to his sister from England in WWI contained many identified by first name only. I put the indiviual's full name (or narrowed down the possibilities of whom s/he might be) in brackets within the typed text of his letter.

    Also, I was able to identify the hand-writing in the record section of a family Bible. Thus, I was able to write the chain of ownership of the Bible.