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21 March 2012

Homesteaders Had to be Citizens

If your ancestor filed a homestead claim under the United states Homestead Act of 1862, he had to be a citizen of the United States. This might be a place to locate your ancestor's naturalization record if he naturalized in some unknown location "back East" before moving west to homestead.


  1. What kind of documents were required at this time to prove citizen ship ? I once ask a question ! What documents were required at the time of the WWI for a person to go into the army ! They could not tell me ! They did not know ! I am still looking for an answer !

  2. In regards to the homestead application, the applicant would have to eventually include a certified copy of his naturalization from the court that granted it.

    I think the requirements for World War I were somewhat lax and based upon statements made by the registrant--but I am not certain. Many of the WWI volunteers would not have had a birth certificate and their word might have been sufficient.