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10 March 2012

Did They Know Each Other Back Home

Immigrant ancestors who married in their new country might very well have known each other back in their homeland. If you have located one of them in the "old country" and cannot find the other, consider looking for them in the same area.

It was not uncommon for men to immigrate, get settled and write back that they were looking for a bride.


  1. My 2nd great grandparents, who were immigrants from Ireland, came to America together, and were not married until a couple of years later. I wish I knew their story, beyond immigration, marriage and census records.

  2. I have often thought that about my great grandparents. After finding their church records and town I realized that they lived quite close.

    He was eleven years older than his wife, so if he knew her she would have been a child when he left. I am glad they married...