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12 December 2011

Owner Doesn't Necessarily Mean Resident

Remember that just because your ancestor appears on a 1830 real property tax list for Coshocton County, Ohio, it doesn't mean he lived there. A person could have owned property in a place without living there. People on personal property tax lists are more likely to have lived in the location.

But as for the real property lists, your ancestor might have speculated on property, inherited it, acquired it through military service, etc. and never lived on it. Most property owners lived on or near the property, but don't use your ancestor's name on a real property tax list as your sole proof that he lived there.


  1. I've seen the same person on early tax lists (for the same year)from several different counties. Am I right to assume that he resides in the one where he pays poll tax?

  2. Kat-That's most likely where he lives, where he pays the poll tax.