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26 December 2011

Facebook Bans Me From Posting for a Few Days

For the next few days, I have been banned from posting to Facebook. I tried to enter in the "security capture" code and it kept telling me I was wrong. I guess I messed it up too many times--even though those things are occasionally impossible to read. Feel free to complain to Facebook about the Security Capture code.


  1. Michael, I noticed I had to do that last night when I posted a link to my own blog. Since when did they start with this?

  2. Bill,

    I think I first noticed it on Christmas. I'm not exactly certain of the day to be honest, but it has not been very long.

  3. That's nonsense Michael! Post a link about where to complain...another problem with FB is that communication with them is near impossible!

  4. My ability to post was fixed in about 12 hours...I did complain about it on G+ and a few other places--not on FB interestingly enough. However, I bet there is someone with filters set that notices complaints of this type.