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19 December 2011

Did You Stop After Just One Site

Remember--no site has every record, every file, and every index.

Don't do all your research via one website, one repository, or one library.

You wouldn't just use the census only for your research would you?
Expand your research horizons and your family tree--use a resource or a facility today that you've not used in a while. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.


  1. Is there any special site that you use for you first look when gathering information on a 'new' branch of your family?

  2. I often start with FamilySearch (http://www.familysearch.org)--their digital collections.

    If I am stuck, I scan the user-submitted trees at Ancestry.com for clues, but do not incorporate any of that information into my own tree and once I've gathered enough to get me starting on trying to prove it, I avoid the trees.

  3. A man bragged to the researchers in the state archives library one afternoon, "I came all the way from Chicago to get this census record." How sad. One must learn to maximize the research experience. Consult internet resources for the area in question to determine your plan of action. When traveling to distant libraries, use the records that are available ONLY at that location! Don't spend valuable time looking at records available on the internet when you should be reading records unique to that library.