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24 May 2015

What's Your Favorite Genealogy Tip?

While there are many tips that are helpful, I think that "looking at your assumptions" is the best one. Genealogists have to assume about many things when they research-and that's normal. But when we forget that those assumptions are assumptions, we can create difficulties for ourselves.

What's your favorite genealogy tip?


  1. The worst mistake a researcher can make is quitting too soon. I've observed people giving up when they don't instantly find what they are looking for -- doesn't matter if it is researching with newspapers, county or state records, or even census records. My tip is this: Keep on looking!

  2. One of the best sources that sheds light of a personal nature on our ancestors is to be found in county civil and criminal files. This country has always been made up of litigious people and contrary to what we'd like to think, our ancestors were not all goody-two-shoes.

  3. When in a small town and you looking for the gravesite of a loved one but its the weekend and the courthouse is closed. Try a local floral shop. They might possibly have a map of the grave sites. They don't want to walk around all day looking for Aunt Mable so they just might have the information you need to find who you are looking for.