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09 May 2015

Died Where They Were Buried?

Never assume that someone died in the city or county where they are buried. It's always possible that the person died in another city, county, or perhaps even another state.

And sometimes they are not even buried with their tombstone. Sometimes.


  1. Not buried with their tombstone. I have never heard of that. Can you please elaborate or explain?

    1. Easiest example is a stone for a husband and wife put up after the first one dies. The surviving spouse could end up being buried somewhere else--either because they moved or married again.

  2. I assumed that my great-grandmother had died at home. The Health Department required the county of death to issue a death certificate and they could not find a certificate for her. Years later, I found out that she was sick and the family took her two counties over to the nearest hospital and she died there. I finally obtained the death certificate.

  3. There are times, such as in a Military cemetery, where a memorial stone is placed for someone who is actually buried somewhere else or the body is missing altogether. This is also somewhat common in pioneer family plots if a family member has moved far away or is lost at sea.