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03 March 2014

Penciling It In?

When I am having serious difficulty analyzing a document or a record, I print out a "spare copy" and mark it up in pencil. I mark things I don't understand, terms that I may be misinterpreting, phrases that suggest additional records, etc.

Sometimes by the time I'm done I have long list of things to work on or to figure out.


  1. I have done this lots of times, one was with a Marriage Bond of my gr-gr-gr-grandparents. I am hoping that it leads to some more ancestors! There are a couple of names on there that pop up again later in the family at a baptism. Still have not found either set of parents for these gr-gr-gr-grandparents from Ireland. But am hopeful. They came to Canada and we have their trail here.

  2. Great idea. Thank you for sharing.