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17 March 2014

Get It While You Can

Try to download personal use copies of all data you can. What was free may suddenly not be or you may choose not to renew a subscription to a database or website.

Even sites that always stay free may move things around to where it is difficult to find them again. When it's on your screen, save it in a way that you can find it.

That way you have it. Even if you're not online or if your let your membership lapse.


  1. Or some bigger company buys the site, shuts it down and only provides "their typed version sans image of what the record showed.

  2. Happened to me when GenealogyBank removed my local newspaper from its list. Figured I had all the time in the world when I first saw it.

  3. about 15 years ago Ancestry had Spragues Journal of Main History. I didn't save the information I found. Now that source is no longer available on Ancestry. Luckily I found it on Google books.