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18 August 2013

In the Family's Context and Chronology

Try and get beyond the even that took place and think about the impact it might have had on the family. When a family member dies are there young children that have to be taken care of? When one member of an elderly couple dies, is the remaining spouse able to live alone? Were there men in the family of military age when war broke out? Small and large events could have impacted your family in significant ways--some of which may have resulted in records.


  1. My G-grandmother (I never knew her) had told the family that she had been cheated out of her inheritance. After researching records in the area in NE Louisiana where she grew up, we discovered that she was cheated, but it was not what was thought. Her parents died leaving 7 minor children; neighbors and relatives did not treat these children kindly. The civil war interrupted her chance for schooling. She felt vunerable concerning legal matters. Thus her feeling that she had been cheated.