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22 August 2013

Days Beyond Recall

Is it possible that your ancestor's death or other event was mentioned in a newspaper decades after it happened? Some newspapers would regularly run a "days beyond recall" with items from year past--frequently 25 or 50 years ago. Could be that the original newspaper was not preserved, but the item was mentioned in one of these history-type columns.


  1. My home-county newspaper has such a column. After reading an interesting happening, I often head for the library to read the whole story from the microfilmed paper.

  2. I've had problems finding any family through GenealogyBank newspaper files.

    1. GenealogyBank, like all the sites, doesn't have every newspaper. It's possible that they don't have too many for your areas of interest.

  3. Good Tip! I've found annual remembrances in the personals..'SURNAME In loving memory of our father.. who died...'

  4. My home-county newspaper also had a feature called ''do you recognize this farm?". There was a picture of a farmhouse and barn, usually a long shot or an unusual angle. Then the following week, the mystery farm would be identified.