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22 April 2013

I Don't Need To Document Those I Already Know About

Research the complete family and always look for neighbors. The Abraham Chaney on this 1830 census was an uncle who I had located in later records in Illinois and for a long time I neglected to find him in the 1830 census because "I didn't need that." 

Locating him in 1830 caused me to discover Sarah Crow living nearby--his one sister I had never been able to find. Researching the siblings "you know about" fully in records "you don't need," may give you clues on the ones you cannot find.

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  1. When I first began doing my personal genealogy research, I did not realize how important it was to document all the collaterals in my lineage. But after ten years as a professional researcher, it is proven to my everyday how necessary it is to do this.

    In researching proofs for numerous lineage society applications, I have discovered how many of the royal families were connected in many circles involving those sibling connections.