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27 April 2013

Did They Need Permission?

A bride or groom who was under the age of consent would need the permission of their parent or guardian to get married, particularly if they married where everyone knew their approximate age. A notation of parental consent will indicate the person was under age. That consent may take the form of a letter or simply a notation "mother's consent." Notations may make no mention as to the name of the parent giving consent. The clerk is concerned that the parent gave consent and was not necessarily concerned with leaving a record of their name for posterity.

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  1. Beware when the couple crosses the state line! I spent months reading weekly newspapers from the home town of the bride and the home of the groom before I found that they had eloped in another state more than 200 miles from their homes. They were both 20, but he gave his age as 23 and she gave her age as 21