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30 October 2012

Try and Do It Right

We don't try and "do" genealogy accurately because it is a game to see who is the most accurate and to see who can "judge" another's work. We try our best to be as accurate as we can be in order to reach the most accurate picture of our ancestors as possible.  Often as we learn new information our picture of our ancestor changes--at least slightly. When we do shoddy work and research by grabbing whatever we can without analyzing it, we can indicate great-great-grandpa had wives he did not have, lived in places he did not live, and lived a lifestyle he never would have lived.

Sure, it takes longer to be as accurate as we can be. And all of us will make mistakes--beginners and experienced researchers alike.  But do you want your descendant to merge your life with that of your cousin of the same name whom you cannot stand? Do you want your descendant to create a picture of you that is completely and totally inaccurate?

Our ancestors deserve that option as well.

1 comment:

  1. It really frustrates me to find impossible data posted as fact in family trees on the internet.
    At this point I only make note of names and hopefully I can find better information before I will add those people to my tree. For instance, I have seen a supposedly 3rd great grandfather listed as being born in 1740 and marrying in 1750 to a woman 30 years his senior. There is no way I will accept that information as accurate.