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29 October 2012

City Directories May Be More Than Names

City directories usually contain alphabetical list of residents. They may also contain "reverse directories" (where names are sorted by address), directories based upon occupation, lists of churches, and other information. Don't just search the directory and, having found one reference to your ancestor, stop looking. There may be more information than just that one listing.


  1. I have found city directories to be very useful for locations & occupations. In the case of teachers they often tell the school where they taught.

  2. City Directories can tell you where people moved to "Rem to Meridan". Means the person was removed (or moved) to Meridan. You might also find out when a husband died, since the wife might be newly listed as a widow.

    A word of caution about assuming the husband died. I once found my ancestor's wife listed as a widow, only to have the husband show up five years later.

    Regards, Jim
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