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15 January 2009

Identify People on Pictures

Do you have pictures with individuals who are not identified? Work on locating someone who might be able to help you name those people. The courthouse and library will still be around in a month (hopefully). Great aunt Myrtle might be the only one who knows who "those old people" are and her memory (or even yours) could be taken away in a moment.


  1. Excellent reminder! I'd love to see you take your tip a step forward to include not to write on the front of pictures. And don't write on the back with a ball point pen it comes through. And above all don't put stickers on them as the glue destroys the photo in time. Always store photo's in acid free sheet protectors. And if possible scan them, record who they are with the scan and make a CD for storage - if you can't burn a CD all the photo developing companies now can do that for you for a nominal charge.

  2. And if identifying people on the scan, avoid writing the names on top of the people in the picture. One relative did that and his incorrect spelling of the names really was frustrating.