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02 January 2009

Ask Permission before Posting

Several years ago, I sent transcriptions of documents to a distant relative. She posted them to US GenWeb archives. Her submission contains a footer saying the transcriptions are copyrighted by the submitter and cannot be used, transmitted, etc. by anyone else without permission.

She sent my transcriptions to the appropriate county GenWeb sites. These transcriptions are mine because they include my unintentional errors. I know she didn't get the originals herself and retranscribe them making my exact same mistakes. I'm all for copyright protection, but don't claim copyright to something someone else sends you.

I am all for sharing and do it regularly. But if you take what I share with you, claim it is all yours, and claim copyright to it, we are done sharing.


  1. Gosh you kind of scared me with this post - so I thought maybe I better ask if it's ok to use that picture I colorized for you in my book?? And also a couple of the news articles that you had on Johann Ufkes. I did note in my book about you having the letters transcribed that I sent you that Lena Ufkes wrote. I also put the information from the Bertus Ufkes genealogy book on the Ufkes family- however, I did note that it came from his work - Is that ok? Please let me know before I publish next month..... Terri Kallio

  2. Oh, Terri--that is fine. The individual I am talking about communicated with me until she had gotten the information I had and then she stopped contacting with me in any way shape or form. And noting that the information was originally published in Bertus Ufkes' book is the way to go. The individual I was referring to in the post did not mention "anything" about where she got the information. The concern I had was that she shared it without any hint as to where she originally obtained the information. And I should get that picture scanned for your on Monday of the Habbens in Nebraska. Michael