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10 October 2014

Siblings of the Immigrants?

Two of my wife's ancestors immigrated to the United States as adults with young children, settling in Chicago. For some reason, I never thought to look and see if either of them had siblings who immigrated to the United States. After some additional searching, I discovered that one brother of the wife also immigrated to Chicago--and died without children. 

It's possible that his estate settlement will mention some relatives that I cannot locate. 


  1. Hi Michael John,
    Just a 'wee' reminder from Scotland that the wife mentioned above had a younger sister who married at Brampton, Cumberland, England in 1864. This sister emmigrated to the United States ( Texas ) in the early 1880s along with her husband who was an American citizen ( born in Pennsylvania 1823 ) and their family. Lots of relatives there!!
    In your post on Rootdig this morning I believe there is a 'typo' as the wife in question should be Elizabeth (Watson) Frame, Not Margaret as stated.
    Regards, Tom.

    1. Thanks for the reminder and the correction, Tom. I corrected the Rootdig post to fix the names. I somehow got "Margaret" in my head. I'm still hoping that maybe there's some probate information for Joseph that mentions the children of his siblings.

      I have a copy of his death certificate I just got from Cook County and can send that if you're interested.