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05 October 2014

More Than One Relationship?

Is that son-in-law of your ancestor also his cousin by marriage? Is the Justice of the Peace who attests to your ancestor's signature on several documents the man of the same name who was his neighbor thirty years ago in a different state? Is your ancestor's first cousin also his third cousin on another side of the family? Just because two people are related in one way does not mean that they are not related in another.

Those relationships may be biological, by marriage, or through some other connection.

Never assume there is just one.


  1. OK, are you ready for this -- I'm kin three ways to some folks. My great grandfather and his nephew married women who were sisters. A daughter of each union married men who were brothers. All the descendants of those brothers are kin three ways.

  2. My parent's are first cousins (legal back when they got married, not allowed anymore in California). So my mother is also my 2nd cousin, and I only have 3 sets of grandparents instead of 4. Makes for interesting stories, but my family tree looks very confusing!!

    1. Your mom isn't your second cousin. She's your first cousin once removed.

      Phil Collins
      Mundelein, IL

  3. My 2nd great grandmother and grandfather were uncle and niece! Cuts down on the amount of grandparents I have, too.