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04 September 2014

Name Change--No Paperwork

In some locations and time periods, it was relatively easy to "start over" with a new name, particularly if a person moved to a new location. Some individuals went through the legal process of changing their name, but many others did not. In the 20th century this was not always as easy to do as it was in the 19th century and before.


  1. I have a half brother who is using my sur name and I can not find any record of that either. This is after a 1948 divorce from my mother and a remarriage to this persons mother in 1955, so where would one look for any legal proof of this name change in this time frame.

    1. First see if you can find where he lived. Then find the nearest court or courts that he would go to. You can write or call the courthouse and ask if they have name changing documents. If not, where can inquired about them? I hope this helps.