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05 December 2013

Was There A Minor Border Change?

Remember that even after counties are "formed" and fairly settled, county boundaries can change. A change between two Kentucky counties well after each was formed transferred several square miles from one to the other. Not a large part of either county.

But just enough to make my ancestor's farm go from being in one county to being in another.

And causing land records to start being recorded in the "new" county.


  1. This tool will show you those county boundaries as of any historical date, overlaid on Google Maps: http://randymajors.com/p/maps.html

    1. Thanks for putting this on line. I own the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries for Mississippi. It comes in very handy. Earlier guides only tell you that X county was created from Y and Z counties, but you don't know exactly where the boundaries were. Thanks for the info that all 50 states have been done and for your putting these images on line.