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20 December 2013

Anyone Could Have Crossed the Pond

Those whose families have lived in the United States for centuries sometimes think that their relatives will not appear on a passenger manifest.That is not necessarily true. It is possible that your ancestor traveled overseas for his work, for pleasure, or as a part of military service. My great-grandmother's families had lived in the United States since at least the 1780s and her sister's Red Cross service during the first World War caused her to be on a passenger manifest.

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  1. My husband's great-grandfather departed Hong Kong on June 5, 1906 and arrived in Honolulu on June 25. He then arrived in San Francisco on July 3. He had previously been stationed in the Philippines in 1900. In 1903 he was back in Indiana with his first wife, but they were divorced soon after that. I don't know why he was in Hong Kong, but he must have really had wanderlust. I don't know where he was in 1910. He married his second wife around 1912 in Colorado and they had my husband's grandmother. He died in 1922 and then his wife died in 1926. The cabin he built near Eads, Colorado is still standing.