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22 January 2012

Connections May Last Longer Than You Think

In some families relatives may have remained in contact decades after they last lived in close proximity to each other. I'm researching a family where some individuals immigrated from England to the United States in the 1820s, settling eventually in Philadelphia. Fortysome years later, a niece and her family immigrated from England as well and likely settled near (or with little logistical assistance from) the family who was already in Philadelphia.

Some families kept in touch over the years and some did not---just like today. In some ways it was more difficult, but it was not impossible.


  1. If, as I suspect, I know this Family then a subscription to Casefile Clues will soon have to be considered.
    Next you will be on your way to Texas !!

  2. Interesting point. Relatives of mine who immigrated from Germany re-started a correspondence across the ocean after World War II, which has provided an interesting look at German life after the war.