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12 November 2011

No Small Slips Of Paper

If you are using paper to take handwritten notes, never ever use slips of paper smaller than your hand. You will lose them.

I even avoid anything smaller than 8.5 by 11 inches because it's too easy to get lost.


  1. I tried taking research notes on loose 8 1/2 x 11 sheets with poor results. I ended up losing pages, etc. Now, I use spiral bound notebooks for note taking.

  2. I use a scratch pad I "intend" to shred as soon as the data is transfered to the individual file. Whenever possible use a "snipping" tool, and code: birth yr, surname, given, relationship to another, ie, son of/so, spouse/sp, etc., twp, co, state, country/DE Germany, a small reference if not vital info/ WWI, V.Nam, RevWar,DAR,etc. Have not figured out how to use the "posta note" function, seems that it would help to keep small notes from getting lost. "Saving" or creating shortcuts and coding helps for reference material... unfortunately... urls do break, get lost in space, and or someone stops paying... that is why I love snipping, including the url, and the credits. Always save the credits. I would LOVE to be paperless... but the more I can store in the computer... the better. Besure to backup regularly. Kris

  3. I use Evernote the FREE electronic note taking system. I use the web version when I am at a public computer, the PC version on my laptop & desktop and the Android app on my phone. Karen