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19 November 2011

Before You Post a Question or a Query

Before you post a question or query to a message board, email list, etc., try and remember to include enough information so that a person can help you. This typically includes the name of the person for whom you are looking, an approximation of the date of the event, a guess as to the place of the event, sources you have tried, etc. You need not go into a paragraph discussion about everything, but just asking for help finding Grandma in the 1930 census is not sufficient.

Researchers should know:

  • Grandma's name
  • Where Grandma probably lived
  • When Grandma was probably born
  • Who might have been living with Grandma in the 1930 census

1 comment:

  1. So true Michael, we all need to remember basic English/Journalism: Who (given and surname if known), What (what do YOU know about your own ancestor/family member?), When (the date of birth, death, and other vitals will help give a time for an event), Where (give the locations that your ancestors/family lived, or where an event may have happened: city, village, towhship, county, country, etc), Why and How... The Why of family history, story, known fact with documentation. And HOW do you know? Reviewing the inforation and data, then posting, offers the best opportunity for assistance and sucess in locating the ancestor/ or family member. Hope this helps someone. Kristina