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06 June 2011

Which Part Is Correct?

Even if an entry in a death certificate or other record appears to be incorrect, keep in mind that, on the surface, it can be hard to determine what's right and what's not.

A relative's death certificate listed her "mother's maiden name" as "Mrs. Little." Confusing--and I originally thought that maybe the "mother" had married after the father's death and that "Mrs. Little" was her name at death instead of her maiden name.

Turns out Liddell WAS her maiden name.

And the "Mrs." reference? Who knows. It easily could just have been an error.


  1. A lot of errors like that out there.

  2. What I have found on the death certificates depends on who died the earliest. On my great grandfather the information was given by his wife and I proved it to be correct.

    When my great grandmother died ten years later her son gave the information and it proved to be half right.

  3. Consider a hard of hearing undertaker, too. My gr-grandfather's mom was 'Carrie' and his DC says 'Mary',