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04 June 2011

Coloring the Truth

Remember when reading those widow's pensions, that it was in the widow's interest to make herself, "poor, destitute, and without support."

Statements should always be interpreted with the thought that the claimant might have "shaded" comments to make things go in their favor.

Same thing applies to statements made in divorce records.


  1. What - our ancestors were not always strictly truthful?!?! I'm sure that all of MY ancestors were the soul of integrity and honesty - well, except the ones in jail and the gr-gr-grandmother who doctored the date on her wedding book to push the wedding back a year and, well, maybe just a FEW other ;-)

  2. I'm reminded of a comment found in a Confederate Veterans Pension Application. "If you have other questions, we have a telephone." Now everyone knows that destitute citizens in a rural area in the 1920's couldn't afford a telephone!