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22 January 2015

Denomination Deviations

Don't assume that your ancestor was always a member of a specific denomination and ignore nearby churches of that "wrong"denomination.

You could easily be wrong about your ancestor's lifelong commitment to a specific church. They could have attended a different church for a short time, particularly if they lived on the frontier and there was no nearby congregation of the "right" denomination.

1 comment:

  1. Your comment is spot on! I have been researching for for about 45 years and have found our newer family of researchers and even many old timers are closed minded when it comes to being told or being asked about whether or not their name has ever been spelled differently or if anyone in their family have been of a different denomination, even from orthodox to evangelical and fundamentalism. Marriages often are the reason for changing a denomination.
    In pursuit of origins, one must always be willing to open their perspective on what could be. There could be many wonderful surprises out there for the explorer.