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31 December 2014

Was Great-Great-Grandma in the DAR?

If she was, her application papers could provide valuable research clues, even if you have no interest in joining the DAR. Older applications were approved with less stringent standards than today, but there may still be pieces of information contained in those applications that is unavailable elsewhere.


  1. Have you run your g-g-grandmother's name through the GRS database at DAR? How about her father or grandfather? Some distant relative that you don't know may have been a member.

  2. I would say be careful with this. I have personal experience with a DAR application being accepted in 1920 that has since been disproved, the lineage incorrect. Always do your own research. (But of course it is floating around Ancestry as being correct ...)

    1. DAR is much more careful than they were years ago. They will not kick a person out once accepted, but will not admit someone else under the incorrect lineages.

  3. I wish that all of the failed applications for membership or supplimental membership in DAR SAR SUV DUV, & other societies had been saved & made available. A later researcher may be able to use the other data in the application for clues.
    Do not neglect the papers of distant cousins for clues too.