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22 August 2014

Those Three Dots

When transcribing legal documents, researchers sometimes leave out lengthy portions that are repetitive or do not contain any detail they feel is relevant. When leaving something out of a transcription make certain to use ellipses (...) to indicate that something has been left out.

That way someone else will know that something has been omitted.

And you will also know you've left something out if you go back and review your notes long after they've gotten cold.


  1. Aha it's the ellipses that give the message - not just the dots (that I have been leaving).... thankyou

  2. I'm glad you specified THREE dots. I've seen where people have inserted long strings of meaningless dots.

  3. Yes, 3 dots are all one needs, though people do get carried away, If it's at the end of a sentence, use 4 dots, which would include the period.

  4. I use them everyday! Even in my blog title, I don't think anyone has ever quite caught on to "those three dots" on "Maybe Someone Should Write That Down..." maybe now someone actually will connect those dots!!
    Kassie aka "Mom" author of the above :)