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24 February 2014

Do You Know Your Local Librarian?

Do you know who the reference librarian is at your local library? They may be able to assist you in finding out of print books, periodicals and other material. They may also be able to tell you if there are genealogical, historical, or academic items that are a part of their subscription databases.

References librarians at some libraries will chat online and answer reference questions as well. It may be worth a shot in trying to find that out of print item.

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  1. *I* am the local librarian :) My email address isn't on our web site, but my boss' is. She gets email requests all the time for obits from our local paper, and forwards them to me. I can then communicate directly with the patron about their request, which makes everything a lot quicker. So it pays to call, visit, email or "ask a librarian" to see if what you need is available!