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17 October 2013

Last Date Alive?

If you don't have a death date for your ancestor, have you gone through all records that could prove him as being alive on a certain date? Witnessing documents, appearing in a census, and other records may not shed volumes of new information on him (or her) but could at least let you know he (or she) was alive on a certain date.


  1. I actually found a date of death in a Milwaukee city directory, and was able to confirm that date through the Diocese cemetery burial records.

  2. I have actually entered a death date range (ex. between 10/10/93 and 5/2/97) based on information from two obituaries. In the first he was listed as a surviving brother; in the other, he was the deceased husband. Still can't narrow it down, but it give others an idea.

  3. I check voters lists for a general location and date range then check cemeteies in the area.