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03 December 2012

Are They Really Your People?

Review all the materials you have on "your" ancestor. Are you certain all those references to "your" ancestor are actually "your" ancestor? How would your conclusions change if one of those references actually was not  to your ancestor?

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  1. There's one branch of my family that led me to some ancestors named Frankenstein, and a man who supposedly lived to age 116. After extensive research, I finally concluded that the Frankenstein's and the 116 year old man are not related. Someone using a family history book for another family got confused by an ancestor with a common name, but living 800 miles away, and tied that family to mine. Now, everybody on every ancestry site with the same ancestor as mine falsely thinks they're related to the Frankensteins. I've tried to convince others to change things, but nobody wants to lose an interesting familiy history.