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02 July 2012

Did Great-Grandma Have a Tattoo?

It may seem like we're really scraping for today's tip, but there are actual several good genealogical concepts lurking under the surface, even if your great-grandma did not have a tattoo. Great-grandma's tattoo will go with her, much like any pieces of family history that she remembers and that have not been shared with others. The tattoo will fade during Grandma's lifetime, much like any family photographs that are not preserved. And, if great-grandma never reveals the fact that she has the tattoo, it may be one of those secrets that she takes to her grave.  And even if your great-grandma didn't have any tattoos, chances are there are a few secrets that she took with her.

1 comment:

  1. Read Granny Dan by Danielle Steele. It speaks to this very problem: Secrets taken to the grave. I gave copies to several relatives and they didn't get the concept. SO disappointed in them.