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12 June 2012

I Have the Same Last Name As My Pa

Just because a female has the same last name as her father does not mean she is unmarried. A relative of my had the maiden name of Mattie Huls and her husband (unrelated) had the last name of Huls. It is always possible that a woman marries a man who has the same last name as she does.


  1. It was not uncommon for cousins to marry. One of my ancestors married her first cousin. Her married name was the same as her maiden name.

  2. My husbands grandparents were both Pasquale; third cousins in Italy who married.

  3. It may also be that a woman keeps her birth name when she marries--as I did. In fact, that occasionally (rarely) happened in the 19th century as well.

  4. Anonymous makes a good point. My own Ostfriesen female ancestors are (before 1850 usually, if not later) often listed with their maiden names in records after their marriage.

    1. A recent research dealt with a Daniel Schneider who had married the widow of an Adam Schneider. Their mutual wife was Katharina nee Schneider.

  5. I think Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak is an excellent current example for this! She and her husband aren't directly related, but share the same unusual name:)