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06 May 2012

Check Before You Make That Trip

. Do not assume that the local records offices will be open just because you have made an unannounced thousand mile trip. Contact the local offices before your scheduled arrival just to be certain there will not be any unexpected closures. Also ask if there are days that the office is less busy (perhaps days when court is not in session). The short amount of time spent preparing may be well worth it. Local staff may even give you suggestions on where to stay.

I know of several counties where the best motel may be in the next county. Never hurts to ask.

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  1. Excellent points, Michael. In metropolitan areas, it's also important to keep in mind that not all records will be in the same place. In Los Angeles County where I live, the Superior Court archives are downtown and the vital records are 40 miles away in Norwalk. Add traffic and wait times and it's just not possible to get everything accomplished while the kids are at Disneyland for the day!