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02 September 2011

You Have Perspective-Admit It

The marquee said "DOS GUYS" in all capital letters. I never went to hear them perform, so I cannot really be certain what the "DOS" meant. For the longest time I thought it meant 2 guys--the "DOS" being the Spanish word for two. Later it dawned on me that "DOS" could have been an spelling for "those" based upon the way some people say the word "those" to where it sounds like "does" or "dos."

And "DOS" could stand for the old computer operating system referred to as "dos." This might be a stretch, but someone familiar with Spanish might think the word means "two," the person who says "those" like "dose" might think it means "those," and the computer geek might think it stands for Disk Operating System.

I'm not saying which person I am. The lesson is that based upon our perspective, we might conclude something that's not true. And whether we admit it or not, we all have perspective.

Is your perspective the reason behind your brick wall?

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