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21 July 2011

Look at the Copy Even if You Have the Original

With some probate and estate records, researchers may locate the actual will in the packet of papers. Signed by the testator, the actual will is always an interesting find. Sometimes researchers neglect to locate the "record copy" when they have the original. In many locations, a (usually handwritten) copy of the will is made in a ledger or journal. Determine if the locality of interest has a record copy, even if you have the "original."

The record copy is especially important if the original has words or phrases that are difficult to read. The clerk might have been familiar with the names and knew "what was meant." And the record copy may also have a comment not on the original record.

1 comment:

  1. In one estate packet, I found a guardianship paper which had left the birth dates of some of the children blank. However, in the record book, the dates were all there.