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15 March 2009

Post to the Message Boards

Is there a brick wall you have been stuck on for a long time? Is there a message board you have not posted to about that problem? Think of the counties where the person lived and post your query to one of those boards.

There are message boards at Ancestry-- http://boards.ancestry.com
There are more at Genforum-- http://genforum.genealogy.com

A researcher in a workshop was stuck on a family and one of my suggestions was that she post her question about the confusing deed extract to that county's message board. My hope was that a "local" could help her. She got two responses. One was from a researcher of the same name and another offered to help with the extract. All within 24 hours.

No guarantees, but might be worth a try.


  1. I would add I had a wonderful response on a Google group focused on Azore genealogy.

  2. Excellent suggestion. Those who haven't searched for a google group on a specific topic can do so at http://groups.google.com.