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21 October 2013

Was There a Point In Between?

For years I have researched a family that moved from Virginia to Kentucky in the very early 1800s. It was only recently that I discovered they made a "pitstop" in another Virginia county along the way. They were only there a few years, but were there long enough to leave records that tied the husband to his family of origin.

Never assume a move was "direct."

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  1. My family has lived in the same part of southern NJ for generations. However, I happened to find out through the 1920 census, that my grandfather lived in central PA for a while as a kid. His mother was told the mountain air would be better for her allergies or asthma. It didn't help, so they moved back to the same town. My mother knew they had been in PA but never told me. If it wasn't a census year, I *still* may not know!