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08 September 2013

Google What You Can't Read

A pension application contained an actual copy of a baptismal certificate with a church name that was difficult to read. A Google search for the few words I could read and the name of the probable town located the likely church. The partially legible name of the pastor was discerned by looking at a list of former pastors the church had posted to their website. 


  1. This tip is useful, and many of us have been there. Is there any one who knows a way to track the records maintained by the traveling pastor,those serving the outlying areas?
    What information I have gathered stated these records belonged to the pastor and traveled with him.
    Perhaps ,if a circuit is known the name of the pastor could be discovered.With this ammunition in hand, a possible death location could lead to the records covered with dust in an attic or library far away.
    So do any of you know where a record of the circuit rider pastors might be.? Thanks ,