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15 August 2013

Where Could That Obituary Be?

When searching newspapers for that obituary of an ancestor, consider newspapers in the town where he or she grew up, where he or she lived most of their adult life, and where they died. I have a recently who recently died and newspapers in all three separate areas published obituaries. 

Don't focus on just one paper.


  1. Where their parents live (or lived at the end of their lives) is also a possibility. Two of my great aunts had lived in an area for a fairly short period of time before marrying and moving elsewhere. However, my great grandmother remained, and their funerals were in that town, and so were their obits. Someone not familiar with the immediate family would probably never have thought to look there.

  2. It's also good to try the big city closest to where your ancestors lived. all of my family is from the south Jersey area. While the hometown newspaper isn't online anywhere, I have found some things in the Trenton newspaper, about 30 mins away, and also the Philadelphia newspaper, which of course is in the bordering state, but not too far away. Casting a wider net may yield more results.