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20 September 2012

There Might Have Been No Stone

It's always possible that a grave marker was never erected for your relative. Sometimes financial difficulties or no family living in the area was the cause. The end result, no stone, is still the same.


  1. Have similar thoughts for the Mother of our family.
    Though Mariah died in August 1925, the dau inlaw
    Eliza, does appear to have arranged a stone for her husband,
    and also her mother inlaw Mariah. At the time of
    her husband's
    death - almost 20yrs later.
    Can only have the following possibles -
    Mariah's stone - did not survive the weather and/or floods of the time - whether wood or stone.
    We can't believe the Matriarch of the family did not get a head stone.
    -A number of family members in the area of
    the time and also prior to 1929 Depression.
    She was the "back-bone" of the family.

  2. It's possible sometimes that a stone has been covered up over the years. Sometimes people take a probe and stick it into the ground to see if it hits something solid. Some cemeteries will do it for you as well. Of course sometime there really is no stone.

  3. 'Financial difficulties'? Yes for sure, but the main reason why people did not have headstones I believe was because of POVERTY. None of my paternal grandparents, their siblings of forebears have headstones. In fact we don't even know where they are buried.